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3D films

3D films are core attractiveness for the audience. In order to meet your expectations we have constructed our own 3D Studio where quality 3D films are produced.

In order to grant to our customers high quality, unique atmosphere and constant renewal of 3D films, ISP created its own studio – “ISP Studio”. ISP Studio is a 3D studio that specializes in high-quality 3D HD video 1920×1080 and frequency of frames 60 in a second. The majority of films are produced by Ivan Pachin – a nominee for the “First Russian Horror Film Festival – 2010” award and the director of ISP Studio.

ISP Studio 3D movies:

  1. Russian Hills
  2. Sky Rangers
  3. Tomb Of The Pharaoh II

ISP Studio 3D movies for “MAD CAGE”:

  1. Icy Descent
  2. Lunar 51
  3. Underground

Ivan Pachin 3D movies:

  1. Dragon Island
  2. Sky Turns
  3. Snow Hills
  4. Sweet Jackpot
  5. Tomb Of The Pharaoh

Ramil Bikmukhametov 3D movies:

  1. Necroassylum
  2. The Dead House
  3. The Bundishvan Megadarts
  4. The Bundishvan Rollercoaster
  5. Bubble-Double
  6. The Threat from Space
  7. Imprisoned by Darkness
  8. The Underground
  9. The Stone Dream
  10. The Bug
  11. The Killer Race
  12. Moscow. The Third Circle Road
  13. The Skyscrapers
  14. Robotechnics
  15. The Interceptor

Our 5D attractions are compatible with 3D films of other producers which gives more flexibility to our clients. We are looking forward to answering any questions that you may have regarding different specifications, supply conditions and prices!

Please contact us via telephone +372 607 5970 (in Tallinn) or send us an e-mail to sales@intersyspro.eu