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5D cinemas

Our company provides only best solutions for your business: dynamic and reliable 5D cinemas “ISP Turbo” and 5D attractions “Mad Cage, developed on dynamic platforms with electrigal motor-gears.

5D cinemas

ISP Turbo

5D attractions

Mad Cage

Brand new 5D cinemas «ISP Turbo3» and «ISP Turbo5» – are the most popular and demanded products for business in amusement industry!

This model line is well known for its dynamic and reliability. Our clients are highly satisfied with its easy using system and profitability.

5D attraction «Mad Cage» has won the audience of teenagers due to its uniqueness and standing platform!

Unique and spectacular attraction «Mad Cage» due to its conseption can offer excited experience of 5D performance. “Mad Cage” is highly valued among our clients.

A 5D cinema is a small cinema hall-attraction with 3D films, dynamic 4D platform and 5D effects, such as wind, rain, leg ticklers, etc.

Our attraction creates the effect of a complete environment due to 3D video, synchronised movements of the platform, surrounding sound and additional effects.

A complete cinema set includes:

1 – Screen
2 – Control panel
3 – 3D Projector
4 – Audio system
5 – Set of glasses
6 – Dynamic platform

There are different options for designing the halls for 5D attractions available, depending on your wishes and the type of your room.

Advantages of 5D cinemas:

  • Application of the “active stereo” technique when forming a 3D image. This prevents 3D image from ghosting, eliminates the necessity to blend projectors and reduces maintenance expenses;
  • Only electric units are used in the construction of the 4D platform. Products of the world’s leading manufacturer are used for operation of electric drives;
  • Technical specifications of the dynamic 4D platform are second to none: speed of linear movements – 700 mm/s; total slope angles – at least 75 degrees;
  • Only wide screen is used for transmission of 3D video;
  • A Block of built-in 5D effects (rain, wind, lightning, mouse tails etc.);
  • Ideal synchronisation of 3D video sequence and movements of the 4D platform;
  • High-quality exclusive 3D films produced by the company;
  • Small sizes of the required rooms.  Starting from just 18 m2 (4.5х4 m), ceiling height – 2.9 m
  • A 5D attraction can be supplied together with the installation module for location outdoors.

We look forward answering any questions that you may have regarding different specifications as well as supply conditions and price of a 5D cinema!

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