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What is a 5D attraction?

5D attraction is a mini-cinema with 3-10 seats, where 3D films are shown. Attraction is equipped with dynamic 4D platform, moving in accordance with the film story. In combination with additional effects (rain, wind, leg ticklers), it gives to audience unforgettable experience of full presence – the “5D effect”.


Is there a difference between a 5D cinema and a 5D attraction?

5D attraction is a small cinema theatre with 3-10 seats. Comparatively small space requirements, short film length, an option of special module (indoor / outdoor) and a set of special effects, make 5D cinema rather an attraction. However, if necessary, capacity of the hall can be increased up to 15, 20 or more seats. In this case it could be a full-scale 5D cinema.

What are minimum room requirements to 5D attraction?

The minimum requirements are: 3*3 m; height – 3 m. For more info please contact with our technical department by email: tech@intersyspro.eu

Can a 5D attraction be located outdoors?

Yes, it can. In this case specially designed (ventilation and heating system) outdoor module could be provided.


What is the payback time for a 5D cinema?

The payback time mostly depends on three conditions: location, rent price, ticket price. The average payback time is from 6 to 9 months.

What is included in a 5D cinema set?

A standard 5D cinema set with five seats includes:

  • Screen
  • Sensor control panel
  • Projector
  • Active acoustic surround sound system
  • Set of active glasses
  • Dynamic 4D platform with number of seats

What are the advantages of an electric 4D platform?

Impressively big anglulation, high speeded 4D platform with low noise level (not more than 58 dB) and little room requirements.


What are the specifications of the 4D platform?

The speed of linear movements is up to 0.7 m/s, the size of angular movements – up to 76 degrees with tuning option and magnitudes correcting system.


How many 3D films are included in basic set?

The basic set includes 15 films which are partially produced by our studio, with opportunity to buy additional number of films. ISP Studio releases 1 new film every 3-4 month.


What are the conditions for purchasing additional 3D films?

The price of rent of 1 additional film is:

For 6 months – 850 euro;

For 12 months – 1 600 euro.


What 5D effects are included in basic set?

A basic set of 5D effects includes wind, rain, leg ticklers. There is an option of installing additional 5D effects for additional price.


What is the warranty term for the equipment?

12 months.


Who performs the post-warranty maintenance service of a 5D cinema?

The post-warranty maintenance service is being performed by our company in accordance with agreed conditions.


How to become your partner?

We can provide various types of partnership. Terms and condition should be discussed individually with our managers.


What are delivery terms?

The delivery terms are 30 – 45 days from the prepayment, depending on number of current pending orders. In certain cases shorter delivery terms could be discussed.


How to buy?

Please contact our sales department right now by telephone: +372 607 5970 (in Tallinn) or by e-mail: sales@intersyspro.eu. Indication of the selling prices are shown in the Price list tab.