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ISP first 5D cinema in Estonia!

ISP will open soon its first 5D cinema in Estonia! Follow the news!

ISP in Malaga!

5D cinema, produced by ISP, open in Malaga, Spain!

Berlin 2012 – Euro Attraction Show

EAS 2012 Berlin

Õllesummer 2012 – ISP 5D-attraction

4-7th July 2012 took place 19th beerfestival Õllesummer. It was the first time our 5D cinema ride was represented at the festival. We got lots of positive feedback from clients. Also it was very interesting to follow the monitor outside of the attraction how families or groups of friends were enjoying their time inside the ride. See you all next year at the festival! Yours sincerely ISP.

Video:   Õllesummer 2012 – ISP 5D-attraction

EAS 2012

We invite everyone to visit our booth #284 at the Euro Attraction Show in Berlin from 9-11 October 2012.

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